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new lj

Posted on 2006.01.21 at 12:56
iM FEELiN KiNDA: sleepySlEePy
MY JAMZ: *tAkE iT tO tHe FlOoR*

ok so here's my new lj...comment on it! please and thank you!!




*PeAcE oUt PiMpS*


new lj

Posted on 2006.01.19 at 19:19
hey im gonna be gettin a new lj....idk what the name will be but its gonna be b/w the following:


which one should i use???



Posted on 2006.01.19 at 16:15
iM FEELiN KiNDA: pissed offpissed off
ok so i just got an email saying that we arent taking ANY ballet pieces WHATSOEVER to competition. yeah, monica has decided to use these dances NEXT year...like that group from tremaine. yeah so im guessing that none of us are hardly ever gonna get to perform these dances. i think we are taking them to panoply tho. but thats it. so yeah. she's using these dances next year, when she's proly not even gonna HAVE a company! omg that is frickin bull crap!!! this has pissed me off so much now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! >:o

so yeah. on a lighter note, shelley almost bitch-slapped tyler today!! haha go shelley!! and andrew is getting braces!! haha

ok well i gotta go check my mail. btw, if i didnt send you the email w/ the REALLY scary pic in it, comment w/ your email address and i will!!


AlL mY gIrLs WeRe In A cIrClE aNd NoBoDy'S gOnNa BrEaK tHrU

Posted on 2006.01.17 at 16:11
iM FEELiN KiNDA: crazyCRAZiii
MY JAMZ: A wHoLe NeW wOrLd By JeSsIcA sImPsOn & NiCk LaChEy
so me and my evil twin went trapesing thru the rain at the summit yesterday and then we went to some salvage junk store.....ewwwww!!! we saw:


haha inside jokes are awesome...*sigh* so yeah. it was so much fun! and then someone from school today (NOT MENTIONING ANY NAMES ALTHOUGH YOU CAN PROLY GUESS WHO IT IS...if you go to rms) started raggin' on our studio and saying we arent very professional. yeah so to that person: screw you. go back to where you came from. you have no right to be saying that about MY FRIENDS when you havent even seen us dance before. so away with you.

on a lighter note: the MISS AMERICA PAGEANT is saturday!!!!!!! woot woot!! GO ALEXA JONES: MISS ALABAMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ill have you know, she comes from my studio :) she's so awesome!!! good luck alexa! (even tho she proly wont read this). l0l but thats ok. so yall have to tune in saturday at 7pm central time to CMT to watch her win!!!

ok well i gtg ttyl xoxo

PeAcE oUt PiMpS ♥

Posted on 2006.01.16 at 08:05
iM FEELiN KiNDA: crazyCRAZiii
MY JAMZ: no more
so they're gone. tiffany, kate, & the guys are gone. they left at like, 6 this morning. im gonna miss kate...i will always be her favorite cousin:) she loved me. my mom wont admit it but i could get kate to stop crying several times and my mother dearest couldnt. :)

ya know what im getting really sick of? seeing those videos on tv a/b those guys in florida totally messing up homeless men. they're just beating them and kicking them...like HARD! thats horrible. it shouldnt be broadcast for the whole world to see. yeah i know, it happens and you cant hide it. but do they really have to show it? my God, its basically watching people kill someone. yeah. he died. it just makes me wanna cry :(

on a higher note, catherine, jules and i have finally found a trio costume. now we just have to find some music and a time to practice. l0l here it is:




hey ppls

Posted on 2006.01.15 at 14:08
iM FEELiN KiNDA: crazycraziii
MY JAMZ: take my breath away
hey yall! ok so i havent updated in like, 3 days. l0l yeah we've had family here all week yaddy yaddy yaddy. so yeah. last night miss kate lauren was christened at prince of peace and EVERYBODY came...and i do mean everybody. so yeah. me and brandon swapped music from my ipod to his mp3 and that was kinda cool and then kim (kate's Godmother) came back to my house after the christening and my dad didnt want her too cuz she NEVER leaves and so that caused some drama....so my aunt and my dad have kinda been on edge w/ each other since. l0l the american all star state championship was yesterday.....HOWD YALL DO MISS DREXLER?? HOW DID PHS DO???? sry i couldnt come!! i thought about yall! i think me and the lovely evil twin are going shopping tomorrow!! woot woot! i cant wait! i havent seen her since like, wednesday! l0l can you imagine the wreck im gonna be when she moves??? ok well i gtg cuz we're about to go out to eat blah blah blah and then me and my female cousins are getting pics done for my grandmothers birthday....(a photoalbum full of pics of just the granddaughters...she has 4 the rest are boys). so ttyl xoxo!!!

PeAcE oUt PiMpS!

Posted on 2006.01.12 at 16:19
iM FEELiN KiNDA: crazycrazii
MY JAMZ: out of the blue
ok so my mom totally screwed up my computer and i cant hardly do anything on lj anymore. lovely. so julianna, i might have to get you to update for me every once in a while. so tonight caleigh is going back to knoxville to pick up her dress cuz she's getting married in LESS THAN A FRICKIN MONTH!!!! omg that is scary. and then 2 hours later, tiffany, kate, & matt are flying in for kate's christening. anna: could i perhaps, borrow your black skirt....the one w/ the lil bow on it? call me tonight on my cell and ill explain in details why i need it. so last night was the first night in over a month i have worn my pointe shoes. and i forgot my toepads. so i bought some toe tips in the office and they didnt do much good, cuz i still got 3 blisters. go figure. and i missed BEAZ last night!! i cant believe it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it made me wanna cry when catherine told me. :'( so dena's birthday present that i ordered her finally came in. she's been wanting a fake fur blanket like mine, but i got mine at pottery barn and they dont sell 'em anymore, so i got her a cheaper one from kirklands and it is sooooooo cute.....she already knows shes getting it too. l0l and tomorrow i gotta give catherine her VERY EXTREMELY late birthday present...a starbucks gift card and some other stuff....she knows what shes getting to cuz she told me what she wanted. l0l im not very good at buying gifts w/out the birthday person eventually finding out. hmm. something to ponder about. l0l ok well i gtg cuz caleigh's is getting my dad to take her to the airport. ttyl xoxo

PeAcE oUt PiMpS

Posted on 2006.01.08 at 16:14
iM FEELiN KiNDA: crazyCRAZiii
MY JAMZ: ShE sAiD bY bRiE lArSoN
hey everyone! how were the weekends? mine was dull. full of cleaning, and making the house baby-proof. *big forced smile* so yeah. today i did just about nothing. me and dena originally planned on going to oak mountain state park to say good bye to mason & michael cuz they're moving back to new orleans but because my mom is weird, she wouldnt let me go. :( thats ok, i have mason's cell phone number. so yeah. i just rode around on the 4wheeler all afternoon. julianna didnt even know i had it, but we've had it for a long time....over a year. its ok julianna. l0l so tomorrow i think that worksheet for parker is due....yeah havent done it. i should proly do that tonight. l0l and then he said some ppl were getting transferred outta his class....proly me cuz im not exactly "advanced" in social studies and i have no idea of how i got into that class but surprisingly, its a fun class. (if you know parker, you understand). i like the people in that class! i dont wanna get transferred out, but i know for a fact at least 3 people that ARE getting taken out...i wont put names tho.....l0l
yeah..try to figure that out. haha im not telling!!! l0l ok so i gtg babysit the woodard boys....be back later!!! xoxo

Posted on 2006.01.07 at 10:27
iM FEELiN KiNDA: numbNuMb
MY JAMZ: 4ever
today has not been the best day so far and its only 10:30. lovely. around 745 my aunt called and said that they were taking spot (her dalmation that had kidney failure) to the vet....they were gonna put him to sleep. so me and my dad rushed up there and said good bye to spot and tried to make hope feel better, but i dont think it did much, cuz she's the kinda person who takes in stray dogs, and gives 'em medicine till they get better, and something always ends up happening to them, and this was the 2nd dog she's had to put to sleep in the past 7 years. she has 3 other dogs other than spot, (lab-5 yrs, chow-3yrs, & bloodhound- 1 yr) and i think slowing she's gonna start giving them away cuz she can't handle putting another one down. i can't blame her, i wouldnt want to either. so yeah.

on a higher note, i have determined what my new years resolution is....to run a mile every day that i dont dance. it started today. i think i am the only one who is ever gonna use the weight room...my dad, occationally, but NEVER my mom or alex. so yeah. i went in there and ran a mile on the treadmill and then did some crunches on the "ab roller" or w/e, and then i decided to pass on the weights, cuz my dad left and i couldnt get the ones that were already on the bar, (30 lbs) off. so yeah. ok well, i gtg cuz we have to go stock up on baby stuff and get a cradle from tracey cuz tiffany and the baby and matt will be here thursday. IM NOT GOING TO SCHOOL FRIDAY!! and then we have monday off, so i get a 4 day weekend!! woot woot! *shhhh* so here's what ill be doing for the next week

>today- target
>sunday- workin out, and goin shopping w/ cacci
>monday- school & DANCE! woot woot!
>tuesday- school & DANCE
>wednesday- school & DANCE
>thursday- school & dance & tiffany gets here
>friday- hanging out w/ tiffany, kate, & matt & the grandparents
>saturday- possibly going to see american all star state competition, & kate's christening
>sunday- ???
>monday- going shopping w/ anna to find some "tRaVeLiNg PaNtS" at lucky

Posted on 2006.01.06 at 16:18
iM FEELiN KiNDA: crazyCRAZiii

*hApPy BiRtHdAy CaThErInE*

i love you soooooooooooooooo much!!! arent you glad you're finally 'old' like me? l0l weve had some awesome times and we shall continue!! eN!!! pUlLiNg AlL nIgHtErS, etc etc. l0l i hope your birthday is awesome and i hope you get everything you want!!!  love you girl!!


so this week was interesting. a lot of rumors going around...hmm. well, dena and shelton are going out (WOOHOO!!! they look so cute together!) and mary got transferred outta my 5th period class (*tears*) and me and mary are planning the best thing ever....lemme just say, it has to do with the 80s and the crappy dances we have to learn in gym.......haha dont you just love riddles?? on a deeper note, my knee has gotten worse. today i could barely walk from class to class cuz it hurt so bad. :( proly cuz whenever i got to the orthopedic, he moves my knee cap around in places it SHOULDNT BE!!! just a head's up: DONT EVERR GO TO DR. GARTH AT UAB SPORTS MEDICINE. so yeah. i gtg do my knee exercises...this is not a great time for my knee to start acting up again


PeAcE oUt PiMpS!

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